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Transforming Broadband Opportunities 10 Gbps at a Time

Broadband service is essential for people everywhere, now more than ever. This has resulted in a rapid rise in service adoption as well as broadband speed increases. 10G/XGS-PON is another significant milestone for Broadband Providers to deliver networking solutions. As Providers build out their fiber network, they need to invest in offering services that maximize this investment and regenerate rapid ROI.

Transforming Broadband Opportunities 10 Gbps at a Time_Zyxel

Why 10G Broadband?

  1. A lot of enhancements and features that really can showcase your services going forward
  2. Increase in high demand especially in this new reality
  3. Improvements in capacity. There's going to be a lot more connected devices whether they're traditionally wired or wireless
  4. Expanding your service offering to offer more tiers. Good benefits for residential business applications.
  5. There's a lot of media streaming going on, working from home, as well as playing games. All these bandwidth-intensive applications are driving demand for multi-gig broadband
  6. Ability to deliver multi-gig symmetrical bandwidth as top-tier service

To learn more about what 10G XGS-PON has to offer, watch the webinar below “Transforming Broadband Opportunities 10 Gbps at a Time”.



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