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How XGS PON Solutions Create New Opportunities for Service Providers

With technology evolving in a high-speed, users demand more bandwidth and faster internet connections. With that said, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the competition. Zyxel 10G PON solutions enable service providers to offer higher-priced premium service tiers to subscribers who utilize high-bandwidth applications.


  • Help service providers offer multi-gig services and symmetric broadband services for residential subscribers and commercial applications.
  • Work from home trend is pushing the need for symmetric broadband services.


PX7511, PM7516 and PM7010
We are excited to introduce a complete XGS-PON CPE product line delivering 10G broadband: PX7511 Wireless AX 10G PON Gateway with VoIP, PM7516 XGS-PON VoIP Bridge ONT with 10G LAN, and PM7010 XGS-PON SFP+ ONT.

The Zyxel PX7511-B0 features WiFi 6 (11ax) technology to provide an ultimate solution for both speed and coverage. It significantly reduces dead zones in homes, solves the high-density issues, supports the latest high-throughput features and low-latency applications to help service providers to achieve better customer satisfaction. Learn more about PX7511.

PM7516 is ideal for deployment in the MDU and business environments and can be added into a subscriber network as a Layer-2 ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which allows the subscriber to customize the network by connecting any Layer-3 device to meet their deployment needs. Learn more about PM7516.

The Zyxel PM7010-R0 with MAC serves as a simple SFU that enables service providers to address symmetric 10 Gigabit data access for subscribers under the P2MP structure. Learn more about PM7010.

To learn more about the different access application opportunities with a 10G service view the webinar below.
To learn more about why we call 10G PON a One-Box and Two-Box solutions, click here.


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