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Speed is Essential in 2022 so Why do Service Providers need 10G-PON More Than Ever?

As 2022 sets in, speed is essential in a professional setting where a high number of clients and employees need to be connected at the same time. Demand for high speed and a reliable connection is in record height and this impacts service providers. 10G reduces the strain on the network and enhances connectivity. At the same time, it also allows the service providers to enable the new high-rate services with competitive differentiation to their subscribers and support the 5G rollout as well.

What is 10G PON?
10G-PON means 10 Gbps passive optical network which includes different technologies, such as XGS-PON, 10GEPON, NG-PON2. 10G-PON has a higher bandwidth which allows you to expand your network and increase the number of subscribers. According to Gartner, 10G-PON is a next-generation solution following the current-generation gigabit passive optical network (GPON) (ITU-T G.984) Like its predecessors, 10G-PON allows numerous users to share the capacity over a passive fiber-optic “tree” infrastructure, where the fibers to individual users branch out from a single fiber running to a network node.

10G Pon

Zyxel 10G XGS-PON solutions offer service providers the following advantages:

  1. Remote data storage
    In the modern business landscape, companies and home users are storing more data in the cloud than ever. A large amount of data can slow traffic and makes it difficult to store data and transfer it instantly. 10G prevents data bottlenecks for the whole team.
  2. New opportunities to monetize
    To meet subscriber demand, service providers must expand current service capacity beyond gigabit limitations. In this rapidly changing network environment, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the competition. 10G PON creates new opportunities to rapidly monetize your networks through high-ARPU business services or premium-tier residential services as users expect faster Internet connections.
  3. The low total cost of the ownership
    10G PON is a future-proof investment because of its low total cost of ownership and fiber’s long lifecycle. In addition, higher bandwidth allows you to expand your network and increase the number of subscribers.
  4. Higher-bandwidth applications
    By increasing the bandwidth to 10G, service providers can increase the connection speeds from current 100 Mbps up to 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 2 Gbps for Prime subscribers who take advantage of higher-bandwidth applications such as UHD video streaming, IoT, and smart home devices.
  5. High reliable and low latency connection
    10G PON transmissions are more reliable because of fiber’s high resistance to external factors such as temperatures and humidity, as well as its ability to provide a lower latency with longer distance,

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