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Metaverse: What does this mean to Service Providers?

Have you heard the buzz about the metaverse? "Meta what?" Some techies describe it as the digital second life or computers' fourth wave, a kind of virtual reality. For those who have kids, you are familiar with this cultural phenomenon in online games such as Fortnite and Roblox.
An article from was published about a 13-year-old boy who wanted to celebrate his birthday on Roblox. This made it possible for his friends to play different games and hang out together in a virtual space.


The fashion world has its own Metaverse Fashion Week where international brands and thousands of guests are able to virtually experience fashion shows and buy and wear digital clothing directly from catwalk avatars.

Some other popular metaverse trends are hybrid offices, distance learning, and online communities.

What is exactly metaverse?
According to, the metaverse is a network of always-on virtual environments in which people can interact with one another and digital objects while operating virtual representations – or avatars – of themselves. Think of a combination of immersive virtual reality, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and the web, and you have what is increasingly being referred to as the metaverse.

While metaverse can be numerous things and descriptions, there are three forms according to

  1. Presence - being in a virtual space
  2. Interoperability- travel between virtual spaces with the same virtual assets like virtual meetings where you can create your own avatar, and
  3. Standardization - what enables interoperability of platforms and services across the metaverse

What does this mean to service providers?
Your subscribers expect high bandwidth, reliability, support massively IoT devices, and low latency that should be available anytime.


  1. High Bandwidth (for 3D HD VR/AR)
  2. Reliable (for Always-on)
  3. Support massively IoT devices (such as sensors, cameras due to multiple players/devices online)
  4. Low latency (for switching between different virtual environments)

Zyxel 5G NR solutions and XGS-PON fiber can support these requirements.

Zyxel 5G NR Solutions -The robust bandwidth and ultra-low latency of 5G unlocks more service capacity and ensures ultimate connectivity experiences translate into customer satisfaction and loyalty. Zyxel easy to deploy, scale, and maintain 5G NR Solutions will be your most substantial foothold for rapid large-scale Fixed Wireless Access network rollouts. We help you bring gigabit-grade speeds to vast geographic territories, even in areas unreachable by wired broadband.

Zyxel Band Pilot provides rich remote management features and a cloud-based administration system that reduces service expenses while enhancing customer satisfaction.
With powerful features, including troubleshooting, RF performance history tracking, firmware upgrades, and TR-143 speed tests, you can deliver prompt 24/7 services from your own customer support offices anywhere.

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The metaverse is the technological innovation we are heading and 10G PON is the answer to the bandwidth-intensive challenges of tomorrow. Current HDTV, VR/AR, online interactive gaming, video streaming, and user-generated live content require much more bandwidth than current GPON technology can provide. Zyxel’s unique industry experience in both fiber and copper has helped many leading broadband operators and commercial customers successfully build their GPON infrastructure with ease and agility. Zyxel 10G PON solutions offer service providers a lot of advantages from remote data storage high reliable and low latency connection.

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With a large part of the future will exist in the metaverse, service providers, "It's time to get on board!"

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