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Tips on How to Pay More Attention to Cyber Security Measures

Telework has become a necessity for modern businesses especially in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. When computers leave the perimeter, the increase in risks arise such as phishing emails, malware, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection and other cyber-attacks.

Here are five security considerations you can share with your subscribers so they can work at peace.

  1. Change router password
    The default passwords to access router settings are usually weak. If your subscriber has never done it before, then they must change their password. A cybercriminal could get access to your subscriber's devices through the router.
  2. Watch out for COVID-19 related scams
    Internet criminals have taken advantage the COVID-19 outbreak in numerous phishing and scam campaigns. If your subscribers get emails with any suspicious links or attachments related to COVID-19, they should not open. Better safe than sorry.

Cyber Security Measures

  1. Avoid oversharing your screen
    During online meetings, be aware when sharing screen. If possible, avoid any windows open. Accidents do happen. While it can be awkward, it is also a privacy issue.
  2. Avoid public WiFi's
    As much as possible avoid public WiFi's. Use personal hotspots or a way to encrypt web connection.
  3. Systems and programs are updated
    Programs, apps and operating systems should be updated regularly. Enable automatic update for security.

Overall, the best option for families to protect against a ton of security threats plus parental monitoring is whole-home cyber security. Zyxel eHomeShield secures every single device connected to your home network against cyber-attacks. This home cyber security also creates a secure network in your home by putting protection inside this broadband gateway. Thus, protecting your privacy and all your devices from desktop computers and phones to smart TVs, gaming consoles and baby monitors inside the home.

For more info about securing your home devices, click here.
eHomeShield is powered by F-Secure.

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