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How do you Create a Secure Home Office for your Subscribers?

The work landscape and traditional academic learning have changed dramatically. Telework, virtual happy hours, social distancing, distance learning, and shelter-in-place are the buzz words that started last year due to lockdowns. Millions of students are now learning from home. Many businesses and their staff are now in the unfamiliar territory of working from home (WFH). According to the leading research and advisory firm Gartner, their survey finds 90% Of HR leaders will allow employees to work remotely at least part time even after COVID-19 vaccine is available. With teleworking and distance learning continuity, service providers need to find ways to protect their customers data secure while allowing for location flexibility.

eHomeShield offers security for all devices inside the home of your subscribers

According to F-Secure, a global cyber security and privacy company headquartered in Finland, there is a clear increase in phishing and other cyber­crime activity now that most people are working from home. Cyber security is essential when working remotely.

Zyxel has partnered with security expert F-Secure to create a complete suite of turnkey, security and parental control solutions that service providers can quickly deploy as revenue generating, premium services. There are other solutions … some offer parental control, some offer end-point security and some offer gateway security … but eHomeShield does all in two solution bundles:

1. eHomeShield RG

  • Security for all devices inside the home
  • Cyber protection for children
  • IoT security
  • Privacy Guard

2. eHomeShield 10on-the-go

  • eHomeShield
  • Plus 10 licenses to be used with any PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones

As a service provider, your subscribers face ever increasing security threats. The lifestyle of your customers is more connected to the internet world than ever before especially during this pandemic where parents are working remotely, and children are staying home due to temporary school closures. Make sure your subscribers' home network and confidential information are protected against cyber-attacks.

Check our webinar below on how your subscribers can be protected from hackers, tracking companies and criminals that are after their private information.

For more information about eHomeShield click here:

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