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Protecting your Subscribers Home Network during the Coronavirus Pandemic

People across the US are shifting to working from home this week to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Data thieves/hackers around the globe are unZyxel eHomeShield protecting subscribers during the coronavirus pandemic protecting subscribers during the cordoubtedly capitalizing on this threat thru cyber and phishing attacks. Recently, the US Health and Human Services Department suffered a computer network disruption. According to Bloomberg, HHS suffered a cyber-attack on their information systems. People familiar with the incident called it a campaign of disruption and disinformation that was aimed at the response to the coronavirus pandemic. In light of this, computer users in general need to take the utmost care to protect their systems as well as confidential information.

Zyxel’s eHomeShield secures every single device connected to your subscribers' home network against cyber attacks. As a service provider, your subscribers face ever increasing security threats. The lifestyle of your customers are more connected to the internet world than ever before especially during this pandemic where parents are working remotely and children are staying home due to temporary school closures. This trend has exposed many security holes for cyber criminals to access your customers’ home network, hijack their devices and steal their valuable data via the internet.

In addition to high-speed WiFi, families are asking for internet security solutions during this time of uncertainty, andeHomeShield is powered by F-Secure protection for their kids while online. With eHomeShield, Zyxel has partnered with security expert F-Secure to create a complete suite of turnkey, security and parental control solutions that service providers can quickly deploy as revenue generating, premium services. There are other solutions .... some offer parental control, some offer end-point security and some offer gateway security ..... but eHomeShield does all in three neat bundles. And of course, it has an easy-to-use mobile App.

While remote working is the centerpiece effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, cybersecurity continues to be a challenge to new remote workers. Just make sure your subscribers' home network and confidential information are protected against cyber attacks.

Zyxel eHomeShield is powered by F-Secure’s SENSE technology. F-Secure is a cyber-security expert with over 30 years of industry experience.

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