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Zyxel Mobile Apps and Services - Providing Added Value to Customers

Back in the day, the easiest way to connect to your customer was to email or call them directly. Zyxel mobile app is how we interact with our services. Over the last several years, Zyxel has offered mobile apps with our WiFi products. The MPro Mesh™ mobile app is an intuitive tool allowing subscribers to view their home network, configure WiFi, set up username and password, view all the networked devices and signal-strength, enable/disable guest WiFi, and many more. While the Zyxel eHomeShield features via SENSE App. To check the features and how you can manage using the easy mobile app, click here.

You might ask how do we decide what to put on our app? A lot of the things that we have developed over the years are based on a ton of conversations with our customers. Our mantra for our app is "simple and user-friendly".

Zyxels Apps and Services

Top Priorities for our App Development
Simplicity, target audience (subscribers), essential features for our customers, and Intel not Data are the top priorities for Zyxel Communications when developing an app.

  • Keep it Simple
    The most important thing with any app is simplicity.
  • Clear Target Audience
    In the very beginning, our team decided that we are going to create this app for subscribers, not the installers.
  • Essential Features
    It is critical to avoid feature overload, add only the essential features that 90% of consumers will find useful.
  • Intel not Data
    Focus is how to convert the data into useful information for subscribers.

    For more info about Zyxel’s Apps and Services, view our webinar below.

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