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Meet the Zyxel Family of WiFi 6 Solutions for Service Providers

We all demand faster internet and more bandwidth to connect phones, computers, tablets, or virtually every item imaginable. WiFi 6 not only offers a significant step forward in the speeds but also more bandwidth in busier environments with demanding apps, games, videos, and more.

Folks meet the Zyxel family of WiFi 6 solutions for service providers. Our comprehensive WiFi 6 portfolio with Mesh capabilities helps you address the unique requirements of each subscriber. Brian Feng, Senior Vice President at Zyxel Communications stated, "As internet-connected applications in the home become more advanced and the number of connected devices in the home continues to increase, the ability of the service provider to deliver the connectivity speeds to keep up with in-home technology is critical to maintaining brand loyalty and customer satisfaction."

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Easy setup, seamless roaming, and network self‑optimization
Compliant with the EasyMesh standards, Zyxel WiFi 6 powered MPro Mesh™ Solutions incorporate hardware, software, and an intuitive mobile app to provide your customers with superior WiFi service on all devices anywhere they live, work, or play. With easy setup, seamless roaming, and network self‑optimization, you can effortlessly optimize subscribers’ WiFi experience.

Dual-operational capability
The capability to choose between Zyxel’s MPro MESH Intelligent WiFi with TR-069 remote management and Plume’s OpenSync integrated platform provides maximum deployment flexibility and allows for different service options for a tiered approach.

Save the time and cost of truck rolling after upgrading services to Zyxel’s WiFi 6 solutions.

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