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New Partnership with Plume Offers Service-Rich CPE Solution

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are essential to make better, revenue-generating solutions for our service provider customers and give them a competitive edge. Zyxel’s latest partnership with Plume is a move in that direction. Plume has created a Consumer Experience Management (CEM) platform, powered by OpenSync™, which enables the curation and delivery of new Smart Home Services rapidly and at scale.

Select Zyxel WiFi 6 gateways and extenders will support OpenSync 2.2 and will be Plume-certified to support the HomePass® Smart Home Suite and Haystack™ Data Prediction and Analytics Suite. Plume’s services suites provide smart home subscribers with flawless connectivity, complete network control, personalization, security, and customization via highly-rated apps.


HomePass is a comprehensive Smart Home Services suite controlled by a top-rated HomePass mobile app. Services include Adaptive, Self-optimizing WiFi, Cyber-Security, Parental Control, and more. Customizable from logo and contact information to feature availability, privacy, and support.

Haystack is a set of applications that allows CSPs to truly see their networks for the first time. It is Plume’s back-end software that helps Service Providers elevate personalization and performance over basic connectivity to meet the needs of ever-evolving smart homes.

Partnership with Plume
Commenting on the partnership, Brian Feng, SVP at Zyxel Communications stated, "We are thrilled to partner with Plume to help provide service providers unprecedented data prediction and analytics that reduce operational costs and cut subscriber churn. The winning combination of Zyxel WiFi 6 CPEs with OpenSync and Plume's cloud platform offer service providers a solid foundation for creating these premium and high revenue services."

Zyxel WiFi 6 solution has unique dual-operational functionality. It can function on either Zyxel’s MPro MESH Intelligent WiFi with TR-69 Remote Management capability or with Plume’s integrated platform and associated services. So, service providers can switch between these two platforms by switching software. Plume supports Zyxel's WiFi 6 models EX3510, WX3310, and EX5510 will be available in Q4.

Learn how the new partnership with Plume will benefit you and your subscribers by attending our webinar, register here!

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