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Reduce OPEX using User-Friendly Zyxel Management Solutions


With so many options in technology, subscribers are more demanding not just price points but faster internet and fewer interruptions. As a service provider, you want to provide your subscribers with the best customer experience when issues come up. Zyxel management solutions are designed to take customer issues very seriously providing an enhanced level of personalization and seamlessness.

Zyxel Mesh WiFi system steers subscribers to the best AP and can reduce service calls. The MPro Mesh app allows subscribers to view and manage their home network from anywhere.


MPro Mesh® app consists of these features:

  • Auto-configuration
  • Set up username and password
  • View all the networked devices and signal-strength
  • Internet instant block*
  • Add mesh device to create a WiFi network
  • Enable/disable guest WiFi

* Not available for two extenders with 3rd party gateway scenario

TR-069 also known as CPE WAN Management Protocol remotely manages in-home networks and resolves subscriber issues resulting in fewer service calls and a lower churn rate.

TR-069 consist of these features:

  • Auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning
  • Software/firmware image management
  • Status & performance monitoring
  • Diagnostics

Partnership with Plume
The ability to choose between Zyxel’s MPro MESH Intelligent WiFi with TR-69 remote management and Plume’s integrated platform provides maximum deployment flexibility and allows for different service options for a tiered approach. Zyxel integrates OpenSync 2.2 into the selected WiFi 6 CPEs: EX3510, WX3310, and EX5510 to support Plume's robust SaaS Experience platform for Communications Service Providers.

Learn more about Wireless Troubleshooting Using Zyxel Management Solutions. Save the date July 21st, Thursday at 11:00 am PDT.

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