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Our Best WiFi 6 at Our Best Prices of the Year


We are all thrilled to be past the pandemic, but the pendulum has swung to deliver an excess supply of our most popular products.  Zyxel is now offering each of these products at their best prices of the year while excess supplies last: 

Zyxel’s three key WiFi 6 products are the:

  • WX3310 - Gigabit Access Point/Extender
  • EX3510 - WiFi 6 Gigabit Ethernet Gateway
  • EX5510 - WiFi 6 2.5G Ethernet Gateway

One important note: this is a limited-time offer and will expire on October 15, 2023.  After that time, the pricing for these products will return to their standard costs.


Today, WiFi 6 is nearly omnipresent: homes, hotels, and airports.  From streaming TV and gaming to remotely working from a coffee shop, WiFi 6 continues to deliver today’s content and services. For operators continuing to offer WiFi 6 technology for their customers, three of Zyxel’s WiFi 6 products continue to lead the market with superior performance, quality, and pricing.  And, Zyxel also offers the option of OpenSync which is used in many markets for enhanced mesh and security.  

Since the IEEE 802.11ax standard was first approved in 2014, Wi-Fi 6 has been the unquestioned technology for wireless connectivity in homes or enterprise.  Why?  Wi-Fi 6 provided many several benefits over WiFi 5, including increased overall Wi-Fi throughput by a factor of four which is made possible by higher spectral efficiency.  Another important Wi-Fi 6 feature is orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) which improves wireless network performance by establishing independently modulating subcarriers within frequencies.  And users noted the significant improvements!

Wait.  Why not WiFi 6E or 7?  

Zyxel hasn’t forgotten either technology!  In fact, our first Wi-Fi 6E 10G Ethernet Gateway – the EX7710 has been launched and already passed multiple customer trials.  And our Wi-Fi 7 Gateway is on schedule for launch by 4Q24.  But, many consumer or enterprise markets may not be ready for Wi-Fi 6E due to market planning, budget, or other factors.  Because of this, Zyxel will continue to proactively support Wi-Fi 6 deployments and our customers who continue to rely on 802.11ax as their standard for Wi-Fi services.

If your company would like to learn more about this savings opportunity, please contact your Zyxel sales representative, or email Zyxel at for more information.  Also, check our promo page here.

Please contact Zyxel and let our team help you build your world-class network!

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