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New Wireless Data on the Block, WiFi 6E


The world is increasingly becoming wireless. The airwaves are getting crowded. With more movies and TV shows streaming, more online games playing, video conferencing, and augmented-reality goggles, these mean we need a lot more bandwidth and a faster and more reliable connection with less interference.

Folks meet WiFi 6E. WiFi 6E is WiFi 6 extended which preserves all WiFi 6 features with the addition of a 6GHz band which routers couldn't perform before. According to this new wireless data on the block is significant because it quadruples the amount of airwaves (14 additional 80MHz channels, and seven additional 160MHz channels) available for routers and smart devices. That means less signal interference.


Subscriber Benefits

  • Greater Capacity – Supports high-resolution on virtual/augmented reality devices and higher capacity in IoT innovations.
  • No interference – Uses only 6E-capable devices, therefore, there Is no interference from microwaves, walkie-talkies, etc.
  • Lower latency – Stream more online games, enterprise conferences, and movies in real-time without delay
  • More WiFi channels and spectrum – Resolves connection and congestion issues. WiFi 6E devices can work without any restriction to accommodate older WiFi standards or spectrum regulations.

According to in just two years since the 6 GHz band became available in the U.S. and many other countries, forecasts predict more than 350 million Wi-Fi 6E device shipments in 2022.

There's no denying the economic benefits WiFi 6E will bring to both subscribers and enterprises. From greater capacity to high-speed channels to low latency (less noise and low congestion) to no interference, have dramatically improved the wireless experience.

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