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Future-Proof your Network with Zyxel's WiFi 6/6E Solutions


Subscribers are more active with digital devices, tools, and applications than ever before. With more movies available to stream, more online games available to play and five or more devices connected on the same wireless channel, each of these affects the capacity of WiFi networks. WiFi 6 and -6E are revolutionizing telework, distance learning, and video streaming. In addition, WiFi 6E can connect more devices more efficiently while offering faster data speeds via more channels between 80 MHz and 160 MHz along with better security.


Why Zyxel WiFi 6/6E?

  1. Compliant with the EasyMesh standards
    Zyxel’s WiFi 6 and -6E MPro Mesh® Solutions provide a proven combination of carrier-class hardware and software along with an intuitive mobile application that provides your customers superior WiFi services on all devices where they work, live, or play. With easy setup, seamless roaming, and network self-optimization, operators can effortlessly optimize their customer’s WiFi experience.
  2. TR‑069/TR‑181 remote management protocols
    Zyxel’s Wi-Fi solutions support TR-069/TR-181, ensuring Zyxel’s Gateways, Routers, and Extenders process device configuration changes, perform remote software upgrades and diagnostics, providing key tools for the operator’s tech support teams to help reduce truck rolls.
  3. Easy‑to‑navigate User Interface (UI) design
    Zyxel’s UI has been optimized to provide users with clear and precise instructions when provisioning, testing, or managing a Zyxel device, reducing the time and cost of training whether upgrading or monitoring your Wi-Fi devices. 
  4. OpenSync integrated into selected WiFi 6 CPE for EX3510, WX3310, EX5510, and 6E for EX7710
    Zyxel has integrated Plume’s OpenSync with the selected WiFi 6 CPE (EX3510, WX3310, EX5510, and 6E for EX7710) offering the following robust SaaS Experience platforms: HomePass® Smart Home Suite or Haystack™ Data Prediction and Analytics Suite. 
    The Zyxel EX7710-B0 AX11000 WiFi 6E 10G Ethernet Gateway offers additional 160MHz channels for faster user speeds, lower latency, and support of backward compatibility with legacy WiFi 6 devices.  The EX7710 will ship pre-integrated with OpenSync. and is ready for use with Plume Design Inc.’s HomePass® and WorkPass® service suites and is the industry’s first 10G level WorkPass OpenSync-certified product.
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