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Digital Transformation, What Does it Mean to the Telco Industry?



In this digital age, service providers are always on the lookout for more efficient and reliable network systems to satisfy the demands and desires of their customers. Hybrid and remote work are becoming the new norm, and subscribers demand better services from service providers. Telco industries should look into digital transformation to improve customer experience.

What are the technologies in telecommunications that are going through digital transformation?

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Cloud management
According to by moving to the cloud, businesses can increase income streams while using fewer internal computing resources and spending less money internally. The telecom industries can migrate crucial business processes to the cloud and take advantage of its effectiveness by implementing cloud technology. CPE WAN Management Protocol, known as TR-069, is a bi-directional remote management protocol for broadband gateways and other home and office networking equipment collectively termed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).  Zyxel solutions offer service providers standard-based TR-069 remote management capabilities so carriers have a choice of management server vendors to help them manage devices remotely without expensive truck rolls. TR-069 is intended to support various functionalities to manage a collection of CPE such as Auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning, Software/firmware image management, Status & performance monitoring, and Diagnostics. All the latest Zyxel CPE supports standard-based TR-181 protocol so it can interoperate with a variety of leading TR-069 ACS vendors in the market. Zyxel intends for service providers to have the best-of-breed solutions for best-in-class performance. In short, digital transformation can help service providers to improve customer experience through remote configuration, upgrade software, run diagnostics and provide management - all remotely. This means fewer truck rolls because of built-in power management features.

IoT in telecommunications offers a variety of valuable opportunities for telecoms. It is a bonus for service providers to gain that competitive advantage in the market. Key players in the telco arena will increase the adoption of IoT to utilize the benefits bestowed by the technology. Zyxel WiFi 6/6E solutions would benefit IoT devices. Zyxel models EX7710 and EX5510 are top choices for service providers to deliver business-grade WiFi performance with higher speeds, greater capacity, and better coverage. Learn more about how Zyxel’s solutions support subscribers with a true IoT lifestyle. Aside from analyzing vast amounts of data, the power for extended range and high data speeds are requirements for subscribers’ home networking needs. 

5G is the next generation in connectivity and is set to revolutionize the telco space in the coming decades. The robust bandwidth and ultra-low latency of 5G unlock more service capacity and ensure the ultimate connectivity experiences translate into customer satisfaction and loyalty. Zyxel 5G FWA delivers high-speed connectivity with ultra-low latency and robust bandwidth, seamless integration with existing infrastructure, a comprehensive 5G portfolio with proven strong user cases, effective traffic segmentation, and easy installation and management. Zyxel's easy-to-deploy, scale, and maintain 5G NR Solutions will be your most substantial foothold for rapid, large-scale rollout plans. 

Digital transformation provides an immense opportunity for the telco industry to provide improved quality of service (QOS) to customers.


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