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IoT (Internet of Things) in the Telecommunications Industry


IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the major telecom industry trends for 2023. The trend of incorporating IoT into the telco industry improves efficiency and is gaining popularity worldwide. Devices such as smartphones or even a microchip or a hardware processor need IoT to be connected and to enable higher productivity. 

Telco industry can benefit a lot from IoT. With the latest mobile IoT services and apps, service providers have unlimited growth prospects to explore now. 

According to Allied Market Research, the global IoT telecom services market was valued at $17.4 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $254.2 billion by 2031. Accelerated speed and enhanced bandwidth are also results of the collaboration between telecom and IoT companies. Techliance said that by 2025, IoT will likely have an annual economic impact of $3.9 trillion to the tune of $11.1 trillion. This top-end value means 11% of the global economy. By 2030, IoT can potentially influence the entire economy. 


Key players in the telco arena will increase the adoption of IoT to utilize the benefits bestowed by the technology. What are these benefits?

Monitor remotely
No need to spend time and resources in dispatching technicians to constantly examine the condition of their infrastructures. 

Monitor performance devices
Special IoT technologies zero in on monitoring mobile equipment usage and devices' performance such as potential issues or glitches with the device and how much data is being used. 

Generate analytics
IoT in telco helps service providers improve the predictive analytics models to achieve expected results. 

Smoother communications system
5G in mobiles creates easy communication between autonomous vehicles by means of IoT-powered sensor fusions. 

Prevents security issues
By installing IoT-powered beacons and cameras telco industries can prevent security issues

IoT sensors
With IoT sensors, it allows monitoring of the performance of the device that is installed in industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories

Machine-to-machine communication
If IoT blockchain systems are immensely used, they can produce a better machine-to-machine communication 

IoT in telecommunications offers a variety of valuable opportunities for telecoms. It is a bonus for service providers to gain that competitive advantage in the market. The growth internet of things (IoT) in human lives is enormous.  It will keep skyrocketing without any stoppage. It's time to open the door to new revenue streams.

Zyxel WiFi 6/6E solutions would benefit IoT devices. Our latest models EX7710 and EX5510 are top choices for service providers to deliver business-grade WiFi performance with higher speeds, greater capacity, and better coverage. Learn more about how Zyxel’s solutions support subscribers with a true IoT lifestyle. 

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