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2022 Telco Forecast from Zyxel Product Managers

Where is telecom technology going in 2022? According to The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience AI, IoT, 5G, and WiFi 6 networks will stimulate opportunity and growth. Connectivity plays an essential role – people want to stay in touch with those they care about. In the future, unlimited connectivity will become a must for telcos, and technologies like smart homes powered by AI and integrated with IoT will need to be included. 5G will enable richer augmented + virtual realities, fully autonomous vehicles, higher resolution video, and connected IoT networks. The expansion of 5G and WiFi 6 networks will offer connectivity in rural areas that previously were difficult to reach offering global opportunities to improve businesses, governments, and the communities around the world.

2022 Telco Forecast by Zyxel Product Managers

Zyxel Communications' product management team joined forces to predict what will be the telecom trends in 2022.

Jason Han

  1. Teleworking
    The home broadband will become a work use connection so the enterprise-like requirements may become necessary for home connections. Security, VPN, and migrating enterprise systems to the cloud will be essential for remote workers. Network separation, QoS, and reliability will become very important when people use a home connection for work. Online meetings will become the new norm so there will be a vast improvement on video software - less jitter and smoother video connection, better camera quality, and lighting will be enhanced.
  2. Hybrid will become the new norm for most businesses
    As Covid-19 cases slow down there will be cubical rearrangements. This means the office layout will be more floating which will change the office IT and networking layout too. Small room discussion areas will be the trend. Even people in the office will be using video conference software from their cube. So, the office network will need to handle much more traffic and guarantee connection quality for video.

JJason Han (1)ason Han is a senior product line manager at Zyxel Communications and has been with Zyxel for 17 years. Jason earned his master's degree in Telecommunications and Network Management at Syracuse University in New York.

Jacky Hsieh

Metaverse has become the buzz. It is a combination of multiple technologies, including VR, AR, and HD video which require much more data speed and bandwidth than before. XGS-PON FTTH and 5G NR FWA demand will increase. At the same time, the service providers will be investing in these technologies to differentiate themselves in customer experience and network quality.

Jacky Hsieh (1)Jacky Hsieh is a senior product manager at Zyxel Communications. He has been with Zyxel for 16 years. Jacky earned his master's degree of Master Science in Communications Engineering at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

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