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Zyxel Broadband Support Engineering (BSE) Team – What Makes Them Distinctive?

Tech Support is the backbone of a business because all operations are linked to technology and the internet. Although it is now common to have a self-serve page, FAQs, Knowledge Base, and wikis, customer support interaction is crucial for a higher level of tech support and more complex issues.

Zyxel's Broadband Support Engineering team prides itself on its IT Support Services. Team members are well-versed and experienced in all IT-related issues. Zyxel's BSE team is quick to adapt to tech changes, and their primary goal is to provide the best experience for the customers.

We asked Erik Jochums, Zyxel Assistant Manager of the BSE team some questions:

  1. Can you give us a description of what Zyxel BSE does?

Zyxel SP's Broadband Support Engineers work with our ISP customers to ensure that our devices are configured to meet their needs, making them easy to deploy, manage, and support. We create pack-out specs with the customer's default settings, so those settings can be loaded onto their devices at distribution, with devices ready to install and administrate as soon as they arrive.

  1. How do you deal with disaster recovery and business continuity?

Although our ISP partners typically handle physical disaster recovery due to weather or catastrophe, we keep our customers apprised of any vulnerabilities and security risks discovered in our products and recommend corrective action if necessary. We also ensure that remote access to our devices is done as securely as possible using traditional remote management techniques such as HTTP and SSH with Trust Domains, and TR069 auto-configuration Servers (ACS) over HTTPS.

For critical disaster recovery, a BSE member can also go on-site to assist the customer with recovering from any issues that may occur, so that when we are done, the customer can get back to business with no worries.


  1. How do you deal with complex problems?

BSE works closely with Zyxel's Customer Service Organization (CSO) at Zyxel Headquarters in Taiwan to identify issues and bugs that need corrective action through code enhancement or feature additions. We will then deliver fixes to our customers for testing and, if successful, broad deployment. Successful changes are then incorporated into future GA firmware for the benefit of all customers.

  1. What makes the Zyxel Engineering team distinctive or successful?

I would say that the way BSE stays distinctive is by assigning specific engineers to customers. That way, we develop a more personal relationship between our customers and us, and we get a feel for the specific needs of our customers, how they run their business, and how our products fit into their business model.



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