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Utility Companies Can Help Close the Digital Divide



To live, work, and play in this digital age, you need high-speed and reliable broadband internet. High-speed internet encourages economic development in rural areas, attracting new industries. Unfortunately, residents from rural areas don’t have access to reliable, affordable broadband service. Utility companies providing broadband to underserved rural areas would enable the consumers to have the advantages of economically priced and reliable internet service.  
During the Pandemic in 2020, people live, work, and play from their homes making broadband a necessity. After water, gas, and electricity - it is believed that utility is the fourth essential need. 

The digital divide
The digital divide occurs between those who have high-quality service at home and the ones who don't, especially in rural areas and lower-income urban areas. According to Environmental Defense Fund, "It is markedly apparent in rural communities, where nearly 40 percent of residents lack access to broadband, compared to 4 percent in cities.
As a result of the digital divide, rural communities are suffering, yet are coping in innovative ways with the help of strong leadership from rural electric cooperatives. More than 900 member-owned, non-profit rural electric co-ops today represent more than 42 million people in 47 states." 

Utility broadband services will have an important role to play.
Broadband access is critical for underserved communities that are looking to thrive in today’s economic globalization. Additionally, it can provide a platform for advancing a community’s modernization. Broadband provides connectivity for automation, digitalization, and the integration of distributed energy resources.


Bridge the digital divide by offering Broadband Services

  1.  Unparalleled WiFi performance with WiFi 6E
    The growing number of connected appliances has led to congestion in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. WiFi 6E offers a significant step forward, leveraging a new spectrum exclusively for devices supporting 6 GHz ‑ which empowers service providers to increase the speed and capacity of WiFi services in environments crowded with connected devices, even during peak hours.

    Zyxel WiFi 6/6E Solutions keep you ahead of the competition. Our comprehensive product portfolio with Mesh capabilities helps you address the unique requirements of each customer. You can deliver a consistently rich customer experience and unparalleled WiFi performance to meet today’s and tomorrow’s critical connectivity needs.

    2.    MPro Mesh® Solutions
    Zyxel Wifi 6/6E powered MPro Mesh™ Solutions are a future-proof managed WiFi system combining hardware, software, and a mobile self-help app to meet your WiFi speed and coverage needs. Fully compliant with EasyMesh standards, Zyxel MPro Mesh™ Solutions not only delivers super-fast, corner-to-corner WiFi service, but it also allows you to provide instant technical assistance remotely in real-time through comprehensive remote management features. Zyxel MPro Mesh™ reduces OPEX, allowing you to provide your subscribers with superior WiFi service on all their WiFi devices, anywhere in their homes.

    3.    TR‑069/TR‑181
    Zyxel WiFi 6/6E portfolio supports standard-based TR‑069/TR‑181 remote management protocols. You can process configuration, upgrade software, run diagnostics, and provide management all from your own support center located anywhere. These powerful, built‑in management features greatly reduce your service expenses while enhancing customer satisfaction with fewer truck rolls.

    4.    OpenSync 2.2 
    Zyxel integrates OpenSync 2.2 into the selected WiFi 6 CPEs to support Plume's robust SaaS Experience platform. Service providers have the options to choose between Zyxel's MPro Mesh™ intelligent WiFi with TR-069 remote management or Plume's integrated platform, HomePass® Smart Home Suite, or Haystack™ Data Prediction and Analytics Suite to satisfy their subscribers.

Utilities have a unique opportunity to help close the digital divide. Some utility companies already have infrastructure that can be used to build out very fast and reliable broadband networks.

To learn more about our WiFi 6/6E solutions, go to this page

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