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The Benefits of Utility Companies Expanding to Broadband


Broadband and electric utilities have essential roles in connecting communities. Utilities are pivotal for society’s survival. Broadband has transformed the way services are provided and business is managed. Utilities providing broadband would allow users to potentially afford reliable internet service from a choice of service providers.  Broadband services have a minimum of 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream and are often referred to as 25/3.

The Benefits of Utility Companies Expanding to Broadband

Now, the question is why utility companies should expand to broadband. Here are some of the many benefits:

  1. Utilities are trusted and have name recognition. Unlike start-ups, they must work hard to market their business and earn trust first.
  2. Extending to broadband, utilities can diversify into other revenue streams such as Voice, Video, and High-speed Internet.
  3. Utilities can have an improved communications network that can be used to monitor and develop infrastructure accuracy and efficiency. 
  4. Utilities can provide other benefits such as energy efficiency and demand response programs.
  5. Utility companies will have an improved industry in rural areas where broadband has become a necessity.
  6. Broadband service is a new source of revenue for the utility industry.
  7. The utility will be recognized as network compliant and will be eligible for USDA-related funding programs for broadband expansion.

Utilities offering broadband will go a long way with the rising demand for high-speed internet and reliable electricity. Zyxel WiFi 6/6E Solutions deliver unparalleled WiFi performance to meet today’s and tomorrow’s critical connectivity needs. Our comprehensive WiFi 6/6E portfolio with Mesh capabilities supports major broadband technologies such as 5G NR, PON, active fiber, DSL, and Ethernet. 

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