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The Minimal Series by Zyxel Takes Center Stage at CES 2024




From Jan 9-12 one of the biggest tech events in the world, CES (Consumer Technology Association) will take place in Las Vegas, NV. With an anticipated 130k attendees, this global event connects potential customers, influencers, decision-makers, visionaries, and innovators. CES 2024 brings organizations big and small with cutting-edge technologies and the latest product launches.

Zyxel to Demonstrate the Benefits of Minimal Series at CES 2024
The Minimal Series by Zyxel epitomizes minimalist design, contributing to a greener future by reducing carbon emissions will take center stage at CES 2024. Engineered to excel in diverse home and indoor settings, each device features oversized vents for efficient heat dissipation. The design prioritizes simplicity, with easily replaceable parts consistent across the range, facilitating straightforward disassembly and refurbishment. Sporting a matte, speckled finish made from up to 100% recycled plastic materials, it not only conceals blemishes but also aligns with the principles of a circular economy as the device is reused by multiple end-users.

Minimal_1200x600-01 (1)


  1. Sustainable ID design addressing low-carbon requirements. 
  2. Efficient airflow facilitates high performance.
  3. Streamlined packaging results from maximizing product volume efficiency.
  4. The optional wall mounting kit is designed to fit various deployment scenarios.

Quote-CES-2023_500-boldSteve Oberle, Vice President of Sales at Zyxel explained about participating at the 2024 CES and introducing Zyxel’s Minimal Series, "Every year, Zyxel looks forward to being a part of CES in Las Vegas, the foremost tech event globally, to connect with partners and customers. This year, we're thrilled to unveil our cutting-edge, eco-friendly WiFi technology – the Minimal Series. This innovative solution exemplifies the creativity and vibrancy of the Zyxel brand. With optimized airflow, it redefines sustainability in networking solutions. Our presence at CES is crucial for engaging with service providers and potential customers, providing an opportunity to educate them about Zyxel's groundbreaking Minimal Series.”

Learn more about Zyxel Minimal here.

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