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Stay Ahead of the Competition with Zyxel 5G/CBRS CPEs

As our lives move online, subscribers expect blazing-fast and reliable connectivity wherever they are and whatever they do. But it can be a challenge for rural areas, and suburban homes to have reliable broadband or even hard to have access at all.

Zyxel can help service providers a cost-effective option to deliver high-speed services to underserved areas with 5G and CBRS. Traditional and mobile service providers can leverage Zyxel’s extensive portfolio of CBRS outdoor and indoor CPEs to expand their service offerings as well as the service areas, adding new customers and increasing revenue. 5G allows subscribers to translate the ultimate connectivity experience, topping it off into customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Zyxel offers a range of outdoor LTE CPE that operate on CBRS or licensed frequency bands

Zyxel Band Pilot is a cloud-based remote management system designed to help service providers remotely manage Zyxel fixed wireless CPEs. Key features include remote troubleshooting, monitoring, RF performance history tracking, remote firmware upgrades, and TR-143 speed tests. Zyxel Band Pilot allows operators to boost network reliability and improve the internet connectivity experience for subscribers. Zyxel CBRS Solutions are designed for different types of deployment environments, from dense urban areas to more spacious suburban and rural environments. This allows network customization with enhanced stability, increasing both service quality and potential revenue.

Zyxel offers a range of outdoor LTE CPE that operate on CBRS or licensed frequency bands. Zyxel outdoor CPE has built-in high-gain antennas for better performance, temperature hardened enclosure, and intuitive configuration and management tools, including a mobile app. LTE5388 indoor CPE, and also LTE7461, LTE7480, and LTE7485 outdoor CPEs are housed in robust IP68 enclosures to protect them from damage from harmful dust and water when deployed in harsh outdoor environments. Zyxel's LTE Series supports TR-069, remote GUI, and remote FTP to simplify remote configuration, software upgrades, and network management, as well as the cloud-based Band Pilot LTE management system.

The robust bandwidth and ultra-low latency of 5G unlock more service capacity and ensure the ultimate connectivity experiences translate into customer satisfaction and loyalty. With easy to deploy and maintain 5G NR Solutions, this will be your most substantial foothold for rapid, large-scale rollout plans. Our Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) compliant architecture helps you reduce capital investments. You can improve operational efficiency during 5G migrations while accelerating 5G service rollouts.

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