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Fixed Wireless Delivers High-Speed Broadband

Access to high-speed is even more critical now to the well-being of citizens due to the growing work from home trends and reliance on online services. This supports the increasing popularity of Fixed Wireless Access as an economical alternative to offering high-speed broadband access in hard to reach areas.

Many major service providers, who have been recipient of government funding for delivering high-speed internet are opting for FWA via licensed and CBRS bands to fulfill these obligations. CBRS auction has exceeded $1 Billion in just 11 days and is expected to beat all expectations. 

The Zyxel LTE Series indoor and outdoor CPE enables service providers to deploy wireless broadband internet connectivity in rural and remote areas where the deployment of DSL, cable, and fiber is cost-prohibitive. The Zyxel LTE Series products support both bridge and router functions to maximize flexibility in deployment and incorporate high gain antennas for better signal performance in different deployment scenarios.

According to, the Fixed LTE market was valued at USD 17.9 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach aFixed Wireless Delivers High-speed Broadband value of USD 65.35 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 24.5% over the forecast period (2019-2024).

Designed to be easily deployed and integrated into existing network environments, LTE7461, LTE7480 and LTE7485 outdoor CPEs are housed in robust IP68 enclosures to protect them from damage from harmful dust and water when deployed in harsh outdoor environments.

LTE7485 has lightning-fast internet connectivity and works under near non-line-of-sight conditions to increase coverage. It supports CBRS, LTE Band 48 and 4x4 high gain 13dBi antenna. With TR-069, TR-181 and TR-143 protocols included, the Zyxel LTE7485-S905 effectively reduces OPEX by offering simplified diagnostic and troubleshooting processes without needs for on-site technicians.

LTE7480 also operates on CBRS band and provides 4x4 MIMO high gain antennas of up to 10 dBi per element. It works effectively in outdoor environments. No matter you have a router or not, the LTE7480 can be easily deployed and integrated into your existing environment.

LTE7461 supports multi-band LTE. It provides 2x2 MIMO high-gain antennas of up to 8 dBi per element that work effectively in outdoor environments. The outdoor design enables it to work under near non-line-of-sight conditions to increase coverage and bandwidth as well as to eliminate edge corners having difficulty accessing good signals.

LTE7485, LTE7480 and LTE7461 support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and mobile app for easy configuration. They also include TR69 support for remote management.

Learn more about Zyxel’s family of LTE products that can help hard-to-reach customers get lightning-fast Internet connectivity:

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