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Q3 Broadband Trends


As we are halfway through 2022, we can say so far this is the year of broadband. As internet speeds increase, broadband has become affordable. According to NCTA, between 2015 and 2022, broadband prices lowered as speeds increased exponentially. Today’s speeds deliver advanced technologies like AI. virtual reality and 4K streaming. And according to S&P Global Market Intelligence residential service penetrations exceed 90% of occupied households. The infrastructure bill - the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program is gearing up to disperse an initial $100 million to each state toward broadband deployment, with an emphasis on reaching underserved communities.

World-Class Customer Service
In today's day and age, so many businesses promise excellent customer service but lack the tools to satisfy their customer experience. Answering the phone is not enough. Having world-class customer service means you are able to serve your customers remotely 24 hours whether you're there or not. For example, Zyxel customers have access to an accurate and up-to-date Documentation page where a customer can search for Overview Guides, Release Notes, and other miscellaneous files on Zyxel BSE portal where customers must log in.

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A Whole New Level of Work-Live-Play from Anywhere
Broadband has taught us a whole new level of work-live-play especially when you're traveling with an RV across the US. Let's say you're on a road trip to drop off your kids to his/her new life in college but you have a work meeting before you hit your destination. No problem, you can install reliable mobile internet on your RV, and be able to work from anywhere or attend a meeting virtually while on a road trip. today’s technology makes the unimaginable possible.

Remote Management Capability
Remote management within the customer support space is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. And is common knowledge that remote management of devices and apps for customer service has the potential to save your business from expensive truck rolls. Zyxel TR-069 describes a bi-directional remote management protocol for broadband gateways and other home and office networking equipment collectively termed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Surging Accessibility
According to Ozmo, in February 2022 the FCC declared its plan to fund an additional $1.2 billion into the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to increase rural broadband accessibility across 32 states. The surge of connected households with access to broadband results in a greater number of support inquiries, customer onboarding requests, and interactions.

Next-Generation Office
During the pandemic and post-pandemic, workforces started to adapt to their work environment, whether fully remote or hybrid. Providing your teams with the support that serves fully remote environments is the route in which customer support is leaning.




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