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Managing the Connected Home


While broadband providers look to deploy managed WiFi solutions for the best subscriber experience, they're also looking for optimal methods of supporting these subscribers. And what is this optimal method? It is called remote management. Technical Report 069 or better known as TR-069 describes a bi-directional remote management protocol for broadband gateways and other home and office networking equipment collectively termed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). The protocol is a method of communication between CPE and the management entity known as an Auto-Configuration Server (ACS). It is intended to support a variety of functionalities including auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning, software/firmware image management, status and performance monitoring, and diagnostics. Industry-standard TR-069 continues to evolve with auto provisioning and ultimately cost savings. 


What value does TR-069 offer?

  1. Allows more subscribers to enjoy superior connectivity with extremely low latency through managed WiFi solutions.
  2. Increase cost savings and minimize truck rolls by using an ACS to remotely manage subscribers. 
  3. Eliminate downtime by using TR-069 to schedule maintenance and upgrades. 
  4. Gain insight into your subscriber needs with industry-standard TR-069.  
  5. Efficient support with remote troubleshooting and issue resolution.

To learn more about TR-069 and its future, register for our upcoming webinar on July 27, Thurs. at 11 am PDT. Hosted by Andrew Cuellar, Zyxel's product marketing manager, and Art Lancaster NISC's executive product manager. Save your spot here.

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