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Deliver High- Quality Service to your Subscribers with TR-069

To stay competitive service providers should offer subscribers not only a favorable price point but the best user experience.

Zyxel solutions offer service providers standard-based TR-069 remote management capabilities so carriers have a choice of management server vendors to help them manage devices and services remotely without expensive truck rolls.

What is TR-069?
TR-069 also known as CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) WAN Management Protocol describes a bi-directional remote management protocol for broadband gateways and other home and office networking equipment. The protocol is a method of communication between CPE and the management entity known as an Auto-Configuration Server (ACS). It is intended to support a variety of functionalities including auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning, software/firmware image management, status and performance monitoring, and diagnostics.



  1. Allows an ACS (Auto-Configuration-Server) to provision a CPE or collection of CPE based on a variety of criteria.
  2. Notifies of the success or failure of a file download
  3. Provides a standard syntax for vendors to define additional non-standard parameters that an ACS can monitor.
  4. Determines the cause of connectivity malfunctions or service degradations.

Jacky Hsieh a Senior Product Manager at Zyxel Communications says, "Our TR-069 implementation follows the ITU standard with the TR-181 data model. It can be used for the remote device management which supports device provisioning/configuration, firmware upgrade, vendor-specific parameters, and many more."

Jason Han, Director of Product Management at Zyxel explains TR-069 is the most cost-effective way for a service provider to manage and monitor CPE deployed in a subscriber’s home. "TR-069 ACS system can monitor the overall quality of the broadband service and WiFi health. Service providers can diagnose the potential problems and take action to correct them without rolling out trucks. All the tools based on TR-069 enable service providers to have visibility into subscriber connection quality and increase overall satisfaction.

To learn more about Zyxel TR-069 remote management capabilities, click here.

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