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Key Takeaways from the Benefits of TR-069 for Device Management and FCC Testing Webinar with Axiros



In our recent webinar, "Benefits of TR-069 for Device Management and FCC Testing," Zyxel had the privilege of partnering with esteemed guest panelists from Axiros. We were joined by Michael Shaw, CEO of Axiros North America, and Sanjeev Gourishankar, Senior Solutions Architect at Axiros North America. Together, we delved into the multitude of advantages offered by TR-069 for device management and FCC testing. Let's explore the key takeaways from this insightful session.

Open Standards are crucial as they form the foundation of partnerships within the broadband industry and the broader sector. Collaborating closely with organizations like the Broadband Forum and embracing Open Standards establishes a pact among member companies committed to delivering hardware and software solutions that meet global needs. This pact entails ongoing interoperability, adherence to standards, and contributions to industry advancements.


The importance of effective broadband management is widely recognized, especially as both incumbent and non-incumbent operators strive to bridge the digital divide across the United States. However, they face a myriad of new challenges in this endeavor. Serious businesses demand sophisticated tools, and remote device management within customer premises is indispensable for seamless onboarding, proactive monitoring, and troubleshooting. Even for operators with limited customer service resources, it's essential to discharge responsibilities efficiently. Axiros offers web-accessible programs that provide world-class software accessible to service providers managing hundreds of thousands or even millions of devices. It's crucial for operators to have the freedom to choose both hardware and software to avoid loss of bargaining power and the risk of unfair business practices.

TR-069 boasts widespread adoption, with over a billion connected devices under management. This protocol has laid the foundation for the Internet of Things and the connected home.

It's one of the protocols that is published by the Broadband Forum to provide for standardized remote device management.

TR-069 allows:
1.    Short device set-up time: Auto-provisioning
2.    Constant control over device settings: Configuration, managing services, diagnostics, optimization, etc.
3.    Simplified maintenance: mass operations, automatic pre-sets
4.    Remote monitoring: Customer Experience, network control

TR-369, also known as USP, shares the same data model as TR-069, facilitating a smooth transition to a protocol that utilizes this familiar framework on customer-premise devices. However, it enables inspection and data collection through different message transfer protocols, facilitating always-on communication. This constant connectivity allows for efficient and precise data collection, making it highly suitable for large-scale deployments where vast amounts of data need to be collected with precision. By allowing collection at specific points of the data model consistently and in real-time, USP can provide insights that would otherwise require data to be collected over time using non-persistent inspection methods.

TR-369 allows:
1.    Real-time: “always on” communication
2.    On-time efficient communication
3.    Multiple-stakeholder availability
4.    Flexibility to serve numerous use cases
5.    Scalability
6.    Proactive QoE and optimization
7.    Efficient power consumption
8.    Greater insights=service innovation
9.    End-to-end security

Software solutions that support a wide range of options for legacy, state-of-the-art, and forthcoming roadmap Customer Premise Equipment require ongoing support and innovation commitment.

Expansion of Rural Fiber and Fixed Wireless networks is currently a celebrated narrative in the US, characterized by:
•    Expansion in job opportunities
•    Enhanced connectivity for rural areas
•    Improved productivity levels
•    A significant national success story

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