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Greening Our Future: Zyxel's Earth Day Commitment to Sustainable Technology



Earth Day is April 22. In a time marked by the escalating influence of climate change on nations globally, its effects resonate across all aspects of the environment and the economic endeavors we rely on, molding the world for future generations.

The urgency of this crisis demands immediate and concerted efforts from all corners, and it is with determination that we, as a company, rise to the challenge.


As Earth Day falls on April 22nd, it serves as a poignant reminder of the escalating impact of climate change on nations worldwide. Its effects reverberate through every facet of the environment and the economic activities we depend on, shaping the world for future generations. The urgency of this crisis demands immediate and concerted efforts from all sectors, and as a company, we are determined to rise to the challenge.

Green designOur goal is that by 2025 all forthcoming Zyxel products will adhere to eco-friendly standards. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond the final product, encompassing every stage of the product lifecycle, including design, supplier selection, packaging, logistics, and disposal or recycling. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint at each juncture and are committed to transparency regarding our products' environmental impact.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art green technology, we're swiftly implementing measures to minimize our carbon footprint. We are aiming to meet the eco-friendly standard and net-zero emissions by 2040.

Karsten GeweckeKarsten Gewecke, President at Zyxel Communications, remarked, “At Zyxel Communications, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It's an actionable corporate initiative tied to measurable goals.  I'm proud of Zyxel's ongoing efforts to create a greener planet, and we are dedicated to collaborating with you for a more sustainable future."

Denise Lin (1)Denise Lin, Chief Sustainability Officer of Zyxel Group, stated, "In line with this commitment, Zyxel Communications strives for positive impact – an integral part of our 20-year sustainability initiatives. From our valued employees to the entire value chain, we invest in people, suppliers, employees, next-gen talent, and the communities we serve. This creates an agile and resilient business, marching towards a connected and sustainable future."

Eco-friendly brown boxEco-Friendly Brown Box
We've made strides in sustainability by transitioning to eco-friendly brown box packaging for more than 97% of our newly introduced generic products in 2022. 
Our foldable/detachable and ultra-thin exterior case design reduces product weight and volume, resulting in an impressive 36.7% reduction in package volume.

Supplier Audits
We categorize suppliers based on annual transaction volumes and require all key suppliers to undergo audits on criteria following the principles and guidelines of the RBA Validated Audit Process (VAP). We adopt digital and onsite audit methods and issue audit reports to suppliers. For those identified as unqualified, we assist in developing improvement plans. In 2021, we completed 100% supplier audits through onsite and digital audits, and all audited suppliers were qualified.

Embracing Renewable Energy
Our North America headquarters in Anaheim, California, has made significant strides in our commitment to sustainability by installing a solar power system. This system now provides about 90% of the energy needed to run our facilities in Anaheim. This major initiative underscores our dedication to reducing carbon footprint and enhancing energy efficiency.

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