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Meet Zyxel Communications at CES 2023 in Las Vegas


CES 2023 in Las Vegas is one of the world's most popular gathering spots for all those who thrive on the business of the transformative power of technologies. The annual show will occupy its customary location at the Las Vegas Convention center from January 5th to 8th. Considered to be the Super Bowl for enthusiasts attracts tech industry leaders, award-winning products, and informative keynotes/conferences that pave the future of technology.


Every year, Zyxel Communications looks forward to participating in this world's biggest stage of technological innovations. Zyxel will demonstrate several new and innovative solutions in Zyxel's private suite at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas which is within walking distance of the Convention Centre. The Renaissance is part of CES event and is located in the tech east of CES (please refer to the CES directory).  Zyxel solutions enable service providers to offer premium services. Many of these solutions have been presented in partnership with industry-leading technology companies. Our experts like Jenniffer Mackey, Key Accounts Sales Director, and Jason Han, Director of Product Management will be present to answer all your questions.

Q: Jason how would you describe the 2023 CES participation?
Jason: The 2023 CES participation is a "true full-scale” after 2-years of the pandemic. With all the people in the industry ready to come out and meet, it is exciting to be normal again. People’s lives were stained for the past two-plus years, but technological evolution still moves very fast. With the new normal/ hybrid working style, home broadband service is more important than ever. New broadband technologies and new WiFi standards will all be the focal points in this coming CES. I believe this CES will come back very strong.

Q: Jenniffer what do you expect in next year's CES exhibit?
Jenniffer:  What I expect in next year's CES exhibit is listening to customers' 2023 outlook. This past year has been professionally and personally challenging beyond what I would have thought 2022 was going to be. As I approach 2023 and specifically CES 2023, I most look forward to being in person with our Broadband Providers and listening to their 2023 outlook. We'll have technologies and trends to see in the Zyxel CES Suite.

Q: What is your goal with customers in 2023?
We partner together in 2023 to make the power of broadband a fierce force for the best subscriber experience available.

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