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Make your Customers' Life Easier with EasyMesh™


EasyMesh is a common term in the WiFi industry.  For those of you who are newbies in the WiFi arena, the Wi-Fi Alliance has defined EasyMesh as a certification program that defines multiple access points deployed in home and small office WiFi networks that are easy to install and use.  This technology provides flexibility for service providers and users deploying EasyMesh devices in their home or SMB WiFi networks.   EasyMesh is an evolving yet mature and widely deployed technology, with R3 Certification being standardized by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2022.

According to Fierce Wireless, Kevin Robinson, vice president of marketing at the Wi-Fi Alliance: "With EasyMesh, the network will self-optimize and self-organize. The network collects information about the environment and uses it to make decisions about how to optimize the network.”


A key point some may not be aware of?  All EasyMesh devices are mesh devices, but not all mesh WiFi devices support EasyMesh.  What does this mean?  Some WiFi-enabled Routers or Extenders may offer mesh, but unless a Gateway or Extender, for example, has received R3 certification the features and functions offered by EasyMesh may not be available.  Some of these features and functions are described later in this blog.

David Mössner, a Presales Engineer of Zyxel Europe explained, "WiFi EasyMesh uses a controller to manage the network, which consists of the controller plus additional APs, called agents.  Establishing controllers to manage and coordinate activity among the agents ensures that each AP does not interfere with the other, bringing both expanded, uniform coverage and more efficient service." 

Zyxel offers its own version of EasyMesh, Zyxel MPro Mesh which ensures all subscribers receive superior WiFi service on all WiFi devices anywhere in their home or SMB.  The MPro Mesh includes easy setup with automatic device onboarding and configuration.  MPro Mesh also includes the TR-181 data model which enables multiple commands that can be run on devices to report important performance diagnostics that are defined in TR-143.  Using MPro’s troubleshooting tools, an operator’s support engineer can thus resolve a customer’s issue remotely, eliminating the need for costly truck rolls to troubleshoot an issue and improving customer satisfaction while reducing OPEX.

Benefits of Zyxel MPro Mesh™

  1. Compliant with EasyMesh and WiFi 6/6E standards
  2. Offers optimal deployment throughout a home or SMB by supporting the best placement of multiple APs 
  3. Delivers high-speed,” wall to wall” whole-home WiFi coverage
  4. Features a single WiFi network supporting 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with Wi-Fi 6 CPE. Wi-Fi 6E includes additional 6 GHz bands for even higher speeds
  5. Provides TR-181 management for quicker remote issue resolution
  6. Supports service prioritization and Quality of Service (QOS) to optimize high or low bandwidth traffic
  7. Includes a self-adaptive mobile app for easy setup to include the best placement
  8. Seamless client roaming to the best connection through the band and client steering

For more details about Zyxel's Mpro Mesh, please click here or contact your Zyxel sales representative.

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