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Expand your Broadband Services with 10G PON, LTE and CBRS

High-speed Broadband access continues to soar. There's an increasing demand for fast reliable Internet access. Technologies like 10G PON and 4G LTE and CBRS are well suited for delivering extremely fast Broadband access with up to 10 times the current Internet services available. Connect that high-speed Internet connectivity with the latest in-home access with WiFi 6.

Expand your Broadband Services with 10G PON, LTE and CBRS

To meet subscribers' demand, service providers must expand current service capacity beyond gigabit limitations. In this rapidly changing network environment, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the competition. 10G PON creates new opportunities to rapidly monetize your networks through high-ARPU business services or premium-tier residential services as users expect faster Internet connections.

What we recommend:

  • PM7516-R0 - Features high bandwidth with symmetric 10/10G profile, which aims to upgrade the existing GPON network to 10 Gigabit broadband access with minimized CAPEX investments.
  • PM7010-R0 - Provides the pluggable SFP+ form factor to meet the market requirements for a high-speed 10G performance experience in a compact size.

Fixed Wireless
Compared with previous 3G mobile network technologies, 4G LTE offers much higher bandwidth (speed of data transfer), lower latency (after response times from the network), and improved spectrum efficiency (increasing overall network capacity). LTE will deliver improvements in the performance of many existing applications and make feasible new applications that depend on reliable high speed or responsive data transfer. LTE's high bandwidth can support the rapid set-up of temporary workplaces, as an alternative or backup to fixed broadband connections.
What we recommend:

  • LTE7461 - Multi-licensed Band Outdoor CPE

CBRS offers service providers a cost-effective alternative to deliver high-speed services to hard-to-reach and underserved areas. Traditional and mobile service providers can leverage Zyxel’s extensive portfolio of CBRS outdoor and indoor CPEs to expand their service offerings as well as the service areas, thus adding new customers and boosting revenue.

What we recommend:

  • LTE5388 - 4G LTE-A CBRS Indoor Router
  • LTE7480 - 4G LTE-A CBRS Outdoor Router
  • LTE7485 - 4G LTE-A High-Power CBRS Outdoor Router


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