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Empowering Subscribers with Optimal WiFi Experience


Who doesn’t crave seamless, corner-to-corner WiFi service in today’s connected world? WiFi has improved the quality of our lives. WiFi is a basic commodity, and our electronic gadgets depend on seamless internet connection. Wireless technology sets service providers, and their subscribers, up for success. Having options to choose between industry-standard TR-069 and open-source capabilities with OpenSync for managing subscriber networks is an added advantage.

Why remote management is essential:
TR-069 is intended to support a variety of functionalities including auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning, software/firmware image management, status and performance monitoring, and diagnostics.


Benefits of TR-069:

  • Allows more subscribers to enjoy superior connectivity with extremely low latency through managed WiFi solutions.
  • Increase cost savings and minimize truck rolls by using an ACS to remotely manage subscribers. 
  • Eliminate downtime by using TR-069 to schedule maintenance and upgrades. 
  • Gain insight into your subscriber needs with industry-standard TR-069.
  • Efficient support with remote troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Zyxel MProMeshTM - Beyond Speed and Coverage
Zyxel MPro Mesh™ Solutions is a WiFi system combining hardware, software, and a mobile self-help app to meet your WiFi speed and coverage needs. Fully compliant with EasyMesh standards, Zyxel MPro Mesh™ Solutions not only delivers super-fast, corner-to-corner WiFi service, but it also allows you to provide instant technical assistance remotely in real-time through comprehensive remote management features. 

Zyxel MPro Mesh™ reduces OPEX, allowing you to provide your subscribers with superior WiFi service on all their WiFi devices, anywhere in their homes.

  1. Easy setup with automatic device onboarding and configuration
  2. Seamless roaming of clients to the best connection with band- and client-steering
  3. Self-optimization of the Wi-Fi network to ensure optimum performance

Flexible Service Options with OpenSync™
Service providers can enjoy maximum deployment flexibility with the option to choose between Zyxel’s MPro Mesh™ Intelligent WiFi featuring TR-69 remote management and Plume’s integrated platform. Zyxel integrates OpenSync 2.2 to support Plume's robust SaaS Experience platform, offering providers diverse service options including HomePass® Smart Home Suite and Haystack™ Data Prediction any Analytics Suite to meet your subscribers’ needs. 

To learn more about Zyxel’s latest WiFi offerings, TR-069 Interoperability, and OpenSyncTM integration, register now for our joint webinar

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