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Creating New Opportunities with Copper and VDSL2

DSL access technology has served our customers well for many years. VDSL2 has received a booster in performance with the addition of WiFi 6. Since WiFi has really taken advantage of the in-home connectivity, WiFi 6 has changed the way we connect with faster speeds and more connected devices. Combining VDSL2 with the latest in-home WiFi bridges the gap between traditional broadband access and next-generation WiFi 6.

Zyxel DX4510-1

Zyxel has given DSL gateways an upgrade by adding WiFi 6. The Zyxel DX4510-B0 AX6000 WiFi 6 VDSL2 Bonding Gateway supports the latest dual-band wireless 11ax standard, enabling service providers to deliver superior connectivity with extremely low latency. In addition, the DX4510-B0 supports VDSL2 vectoring up to profile 17a with reduced crosstalk, allowing service providers to improve network performance and service range.

To learn more about creating new opportunities with Copper and VDSL2, view the webinar below.

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