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April 22nd is National Earth Day, Zyxel is Taking Proactive Actions to Minimize our Carbon Footprint


April 22nd is National Earth Day which raises awareness to protect Earth's natural resources for future generations. Zyxel is taking proactive actions to minimize our carbon footprint while driving seamless, fast, and efficient connectivity everywhere through our innovative technology.

Zyxel’s green initiative
In 2019 Zyxel’s North American headquarters in Anaheim reached a key milestone in its green initiative program with the flip of a switch to bring its new solar power system online. The new 200kw system, which was implemented through partnerships with SunPower and Renova Energy, will generate enough power to supply approximately 90 percent of the power required to operate its facilities. The installation of the solar power system, which took seven months from planning to execution, is Zyxel’s aggressive program to reduce its carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. The 36,500-square-foot, two-building facility is the hub for Zyxel’s North American operations including sales and marketing, technical support, production, quality control, product repair, logistics, and warehousing.


Zyxel's energy consumption management
Electricity consumption is primarily limited to office operations, such as air conditioning and lighting at our world headquarters in Taiwan. In 2021, the world headquarters replaced obsolete heat sinks in its cooling towers to increase heat dissipation from 32 percent to 88 percent.

Zyxel sees water resource management as a vital element in achieving sustainability
As Zyxel Worldwide Headquarters is not involved in any manufacturing activities, its entire water footprint stems from employees’ daily water usage and air conditioning. Our water withdrawal rate is trending downward. The annual water withdrawal in 2021 was 4,321 metric tons, a 10.5% reduction from the previous 4,831 metric tons. However, the annual wastewater discharge increased in 2021 due to water tower cleaning.

Zyxel’s responsibilities in recycling
To ensure that all parts of Zyxel products are disposed of and recycled legally with minimal impact on the environment, we have registered directly with the National WEEE Registry or the approved collective Compliance Scheme for WEEE in a few countries to make sure that all distributors in collaboration comply with the national WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives. Zyxel has labeled its products with the appropriate WEEE logo and added extra relevant information about the WEEE regulations to its customers. The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on Zyxel products or packaging reminds customers that the product should not be disposed of as unsorted waste. 

To learn more about Zyxel’s sustainability, go to our sustainability page

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